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Salbutamol is a decent fat burner, very similar to Clenbuterol. You may have to try both at varying times to see which one works best for you. Both can work and neither should produce a difference that is remarkably different from the other, but you will more than likely find one or the other better.

Active substanceAlbuterol Sulfate
Dose for men2-4mg/day
Dose for women2-4mg/day
Contents100 x 4mg tablets

About Salbutamol
Officially, Salbutamol is regularly used as an asthmatic medication. Salbutamol functions by relaxing air passageways and opening the airways to the lungs as a result. Salbutamol could be useful in this capacity for some athletes, to enhance their cardiovascular endurance and overall output.

Salbutamol is also a very effective thermogenic. For this reason, its most common purpose of use among performance minded individuals will surround fat loss. Salbutamol will directly stimulate receptors, which will in turn increase the body's temperature and stimulates and enhances the individual's metabolic rate. With an enhanced metabolic rate, more body fat can be burned and more efficiently.

Salbutamol effects
Salbutamol is used as a thermogenic, for fat burning. However, Salbutamol will not magically melt fat off our body. For the fat loss effects of Salbutamol to be enjoyed, you will need to diet. The overall purpose of use is to simply do what you're already doing right and to do it a little better, to enhance it.

In order to lose body fat, we must burn more calories than we consume. When in a calorie deficit necessary to lose body fat, using thermogenic Salbutamol will help your body to burn calories at an accelerated rate. This is due to the simple yet effective enhancement of the metabolism provided by Salbutamol.

For the effects of Salbutamol to be enjoyed, this compound works best for those who are not obese. The best time to use Salbutamol is to lose that last little bit of fat often referred to as stubborn fat. However, Salbutamol can only be used for this purpose for a short period of time. The body will adapt to this compound fairly fast. If you're obese, it only makes sense to lose some weight and then consider Salbutamol later on when it will be the most beneficial.

Salbutamol administration
In a performance setting, specifically as a thermogenic, standard Salbutamol doses will normally fall in the 2-4mg ranges administered 1-2 times per day. This is the perfect starting point for most men and women, but due to the body's ability to adapt to the thermogenic effects the dosing will necessarily increase as time goes by. As the body begins to adapt, the total Salbutamol dose will need to be increased by 2mg and will continue to increase by 2mg every 5-7 days. Total use for such a plan will be 4 weeks and should not surpass four weeks. Once the four week mark has been reached, use should be discontinued for another 4 weeks. From this point, the body will be ready for another Salbutamol cycle if desired or needed.

Salbutamol side effects
Salbutamol is a relatively well-tolerated compound for most men and women. Serious issues or complications are rare. Those who are using the compound as a thermogenic, they will find the side effects of Salbutamol to be a little more common and possibly bothersome. This is due to such use requiring a higher dose.

The most common side effects of Salbutamol will be stimulant related such as shaking hands, insomnia and headaches. Some may also experience dizziness. These are the most common side effects, but most will find they are manageable and begin to subside quickly as the body begins to adapt to the compound. Excess sweating can also be an issue for some, as well as nausea, diarrhea or vomiting although rare.

There are other possible side effects of Salbutamol that can be more bothersome, but are thankfully less common. An allergic reaction to the compound can cause a swelling of the lips or tongue as well as a possible rash. Oddly enough, an allergic reaction can also lead to difficulty breathing. Less common but most commonly associated with high doses is chest pain, high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. If such side effects of Salbutamol begin to manifest, use should be discontinued immediately. If ignored, these effects can become quite extreme. When the side effects of Salbutamol reach an extreme level, harsh shaking or trembling may occur. Anxiety, panic and an extremely fast and irregular heartbeat are all possible, and can be potentially fatal.