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TUDCA - Arcas Nutrition

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Thanks to health-promoting properties of Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, TUDCA greatly reduces the side effects of steroids. It increases healthy liver function and healthy cholesterol levels. Additionally, TUDCA eliminates the metabolites from the liver and decreases their toxic effects in the liver.

Active substanceTauroursodeoxycholic acid 250mg
Dose for men1-2 capsules/day
Contents60 capsules

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In the quest to achieve the most impressive physique or to maximize athletic performance, many bodybuilders and athletes take oral anabolic enhancement products. These products are notoriously hard on their liver and have been documented to cause liver failure in some people. Androgens can increase your LDL cholesterol TUDCA can help fight these side effects by helping to produce bile. TUDCA supports the bile flow to eliminate toxic metabolites of the liver. This is why TUDCA can help protect you against cholestasis to prevent cholesterol metabolism. It's a good two punch - you get the potential for protecting the liver with a cholesterol fighter all in one!

TUDCA is a water soluble bile acid. It shows great potency in treating cholestasis (bile acid backup in the liver) as the water soluble bile acids counteract the toxicity of regular bile acids. This is also able to protect and rehabilitate the liver, and general protects cells; very promising molecule.

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, more commonly referred to as TUDCA, is a bile salt that is found natrually occurring in the body. When regular bile salts reach the intestines, they can be metabolized by bacteria into UDCA and then later bound to a taurine molecule to become TUDCA. TUDCA is a water-soluble bile salt, which is in contrast to regular bile salts possessing both water soluble and fat soluble ends and conferring a detergent effect. This is good for the bile salt's biological purpose (emulsifying fats in the intestines to help with absorption) but when bile acids back up in the liver, a clinical state called cholestasis, which occurs when the liver is unhealthy, these bile salts can be damaging to cells by destroying the membranes and signalling for cell death. TUDCA and other water soluble bile salts like UDCA compete with this toxicity and thus indirectly protect cells from death.

Additionally, it seems that TUDCA is able to reduce stress to any cell's Endoplasmic Reticulum; an organelle in cells that serves as a highway from the nucleus into the cytoplasm and aids in folding proteins. Through reducing ER stress, TUDCA has been implicated in a wide range of beneficial metabolic effects such as reducing insulin resistance and diabetes, and being a neurological protecting agent. However, usages of TUDCA beyond the liver is preliminary whereas usage of TUDCA for helping an already harmed liver is quite reliable as TUDCA is used in clinical settings (hospitals) for treating cholestasis.

TUDCA administration
A dose calculated at 15-20 mg / kg body weight can be used to improve the overall composition of the bile salt in the body. Most TUDCA users usually take about 500 mg per day, although it is common to go higher than 1000 mg per day.